Upgrade from Dial–Up to High–Speed Internet

No More Dialing, Waiting or Busy Signals

Does time drag as you sit and wait for your photos to load? Is it taking hours to download one song? You can't truly access the world if the world can only access your busy signal. You deserve better from the Internet. A whole new Internet experience is awaiting you when you upgrade to high-speed Internet.

Know the Difference

Did you know that there are high-speed Internet plans that offer download speeds more than 100 times faster than dial-up? That sounds amazing—but what does that mean to you?

Consider if this was a 1.0 MB picture:

Download pictures quicker with broadband

56 Kbps Modem (normal dial-up speed) - It would take 2.5 minutes to download.
256 Kbps - It would take 33 seconds to download.
1.5 Mbps - It would take 6 seconds to download.
3.0 Mbps - It would take 3 seconds to download.
6.0 Mbps - It would take 1.5 seconds to download.

From 2.5 minutes to 1.5 seconds! Now imagine how that speed would translate to all that you do on the Internet. Pages will load faster, songs will download in a snap. Why dog-paddle through the Internet? Start surfing now!

Available Providers

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