What is U-verse?

AT&T has combined fiber optic technology and computer networking to offer U-verse, providing faster internet, telephone and television services.

Fiber optic technology provides the fastest internet connections available on the market today. AT&T is offering those who have access to fiber optics a blend of faster internet, telephone and television services with upgraded features.

U-verse speed connections for downloads range from 3 to 24 Mbps, according to AT&T, depending on what internet plan you wish to purchase. Faster internet makes it easier to download movies, streaming video and play online games. The cost of internet plans vary, depending on the package, but range from $38 to $63 per month.

U-verse Digital TV provides more than 170 HD channels and up to 430 channels in its largest TV package, along with other features that make for a better viewing experience. The U-verse channel guide provides an interactive experience and a large library of free On Demand movies to scroll through and watch. You can stream your music and photos from your computer onto your television. You also can use your television to surf the internet.

U-verse Digital TV DVR, which is included in most TV plans, stores up to 233 hours of recorded television programming or 65 hours of HD movies and programs. You can play back and record your favorite shows from anywhere in your home. If you forget to record a program you wanted to watch, you can access your DVR remotely from your computer, mobile phone or other mobile device.

U-verse Voice provides wireless telephone services as low as $9.99 per month, depending on the plan and a required 2-year contract. U-verse Voice offers many advanced phone features, like call screening or call transfer, where you can transfer a call to a different phone number. U-verse phone service, when bundled with U-verse TV, offers interactive features, such as the ability to view your call history on your screen and return a phone call by using your TV remote.

Internet, phone and television bundles vary, depending on the packages, but all three bundled together start at $89 per month.

You will need to have access to fiber optic technology in your neighborhood in order to purchase U-verse services. Accessibility to fiber technology is growing because of the need for faster connection speeds and the ability to download large amounts of data. Even if you checked in the past, try again to find out if fiber technology has arrived or is coming to your area.

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